We are the new technology revolution in your operations capability.

Our focus is your asset protection

Founded in 2005, our business has been built around some of the most critical intersections in your business. Designing smart operating technologies that can stabilise value, end-to-end, in industrial chains. We are one of a small but high impact group of global pioneers in the emerging OpTech space.

It’s a world based on making the previously invisible actions and conditions that can have such massive business impact visible and manageable.

Temperature, pressure, moisture, humidity, light, even colour are elements that can all now be reliably captured and managed with a virtual web of intelligent monitoring and process management that turns your data into a digitally networked dashboard.

The tasks and processes that your business depends on for quality and production management can now be digitised with smart operating technologies to build efficiency, lower cost, reduce risk and stabilise value, end-to-end, across your business, small or large, to ensure quality, efficiency and compliance are always controlled.

What started as a food safety compliance application for the hospitality industry, retailers and pharmacies, has evolved into an innovative quality management platform that opens up the black box of the food industry’s production floor, making the invisible visible, data accessible, maximizing profit and reducing risk.


What makes us really different?
We designed our platform to be highly flexible and agnostic.


Do you have existing data recording hardware?
Easy. We integrate with existing hardware providers including SCADA systems.


Have an existing ERP?
No worries. We can map our technology in perfectly to your existing systems.


Nothing in place?
No problem. We can help you to create a system from the ground up.

It is our ability to customise the solutions we offer to your specific quality management requirements and to integrate with any other systems you are running that makes us so easy to work with, and a highly attractive consideration from a cost perspective.

Our people

We are a user friendly team. Get in touch today – we are always here to help!

Martin is our CEO, who loves thinking outside the square and developing technology solutions that fix problems that everyone says cannot be done. Educated as an Industrial Electrician, Martin spent many years traveling the world working on various construction and heavy industrial projects. Back in New Zealand, Martin was offered a security technology role, and this soon expanded to two successful start-ups and eventually the role of General Manager of Guardall New Zealand and SECOM NZ. His most significant professional achievement to date was the successful development and management of a team that won the national service contracts for the top 5 New Zealand Financial Institutions.
When he is not in the office, Martin loves tramping in Aotearoa’s backyard, drag racing, plus repairing and listening to retro Hifi equipment.
Minesh is our Programme and Product Manager, who makes sure that every project is meticulously planned and implemented. Minesh has extensive project management experience, having worked for Fuji Xerox, amongst others. Minesh is a coffee and gin connoisseur and a passionate dad of two boys. He holds a Bachelor in Computer Science and Information Systems as well as a Master’s degree in project management.
Shakeel is our food safety and compliance expert, whose extensive knowledge and experience in these fields helped to develop our quality management platform. Having lived and worked in Australia, Singapore and Hongkong, Shakeel has invaluable international experience in the food industry. He is extremely passionate about helping to reduce the industry’s waste and to improve food safety and quality in New Zealand. Shakeel loves tackling big picture problems tactically to create solutions that solve real problems on the ground level.
Shakeel has tramped almost every multi-day hike in New Zealand. So, you might spot him somewhere in the bush, when he is not working. He has a Bachelor’s degree in analytical chemistry and a Master’s degree in food science.
Pranshu is the head of our software team, who is passionately leading the development of our Quality Management Platform iQMS. He finds solving business challenges our customers face with our software engineering know-how incredibly rewarding. Pranshu has more than ten years of experience in working on software platforms and holds a Master of Engineering. When he is not flying his drone in his free time, Pranshu researches a lot about quantum mechanics as he is fascinated with quantum computers.
Tom is our enterprise sales manager who loves the exciting pace of innovation in the industry. He looks back on more than ten years’ working experience in the SaaS industry, having worked for Xero, amongst others. Being a dad is his most favourite hobby, besides spearfishing, watching the Blackcaps cricket team, skiing, travel, hobby board gaming and comic books. Tom holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics & Philosophy.
Aravind has been a software engineer for quite a while now, having started his love affair with computers at the early age of 12 when he started programming using JavaScript. At iMonitor, he enjoys using the latest technology to create a solution that makes a difference to our customers.
Aravind is even engineering IoT devices in his free time for his home automation. But sometimes, you might see him modifying and tuning his car for his next drag and circuit racing.
Karthik is one of our Senior Software Engineers with more than 20 years’ work experience in architecting, designing, and developing software for corporations such as Fuji Xerox or American Express. What he loves about his job is to solve problems analytically and to create solutions that leverage technology to solve business problems. Karthik holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and MBA majoring in Finance. Outside work, Karthik loves playing badminton, hiking, and reading fiction.
Ankita is our test engineer, who makes sure that everything that our developers programmed is working correctly in the end. She is an experienced automation and functional test analyst skilled in Scrum and agile methodologies, who worked for IT and financial companies like the NZ Super Fund. Ankita is excited about solving the most complex food safety problems of the industries we work in with the help of innovative automation solutions.
Outside work, you might spot Ankita organising Bollywood dance flash mobs that she has choreographed herself when she is not sketching at home. Ankita has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.
Divya one of our creative heads that designed the intuitive and easily navigable user interfaces of our applications. She is incredibly passionate about designing and creating unique and functional solutions for our customers. Divya holds a Master of Computer Science and has several years of experience in various UI/UX methods, usability testing, user research, prototyping, wireframes, and branding. Outside work, you might spot Divya discovering New Zealand’s backyard, such as paddling to Donut Island with her friends. She is also an amazing cook, often treating her colleagues with Indian delicacies.
Aiden loves writing codes and making processors smart enough to make peoples’ lives easier, even after more than 25 years in the business. He has worked as an engineer in Research and Development projects involving SDR (Software Defined Radio), AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator), and most recently cool store monitoring with iMonitor’s IoT sensors.
Aiden holds a Master’s degree in Electronics Engineering. Outside work, you might spot Aiden hiking or picnicking with friends in Auckland’s beautiful regional parks.
Craig is our Hardware Design Engineer with extensive experience in the IoT space. Specialised in PCB (printed circuit board) design, radio, and electrical compliance, he has driven our hardware product development. Before he joined the iMonitor team, Craig worked for an Industrial Calibration Company, several industrial collaboration projects with New Zealand Governmental bodies, and industrial PLC (programmable logic controller) implementations including running the fuel system at American Samoa's Airport. Craig holds multiple master's degrees and is currently completing a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Afterhours, Craig is especially fond of enjoying food and drinks with friends the fine restaurants in Auckland City have on offer.
Stef is our communications specialist, who constantly tries to translate our quirky tech language and in-depth IoT knowledge into digestible, compelling content. As a German communicator, who has lived in the United States and France and has extensively travelled the world, she brings vast international experience in strategic communications and social media. Stef holds a Master of Communication Studies and Bachelor of Honours in International Management.
Outside work, Stef is an enthusiastic traveller and fan of the outdoors, who also loves the meditative side-effect of baking.
Mamta is the good soul of our team. She helps our customers implement our quality management platform, solve compliance issues, and successfully prepare for compliance audits. She loves helping customers to thrive for excellence in food safety and quality, from traceability to documentation. Mamta worked several years as a Pharmacovigilance Scientist before she moved to New Zealand.
In her free time, Mamta loves giving back to the community and works for different NGOs.
Mamta holds various degrees, including a PhD in Microbiology and a Postgraduate Diploma in Food Science.
Cameron initially wanted to build guitar amps, but luckily, he ended up as a software developer. He has extensive experience as process development engineer, having worked for Fonterra and Fisher and Paykel Healthcare. He even travelled to Mexico to successfully setup a medical device manufacturing line. Cameron has a Master of Engineering with majors in electronics and software. Cameron is a proud father of a little girl and loves playing the bass guitar.
Kavi is our star behind the scenes, who makes sure that things work smoothly in our back-office to support our IT, hardware and sales teams. Born in South Africa, she loves being part of the multicultural team of our Kiwi-owned company. Kavi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Psychology. When being a mum allows it, Kavi loves chilling out with a good Netflix series. Above all, Kavi is a passionate baker, to the delight of her family - and her hungry colleagues…
Jeet is our QA techie, who contributes towards the hardware team's mission to provide top-notch sensor products while muscling through his doctorate on software-defined sensor networks. Charged with batch assembly, performance-testing, updating device configurational settings and attending to customer-related queries, Jeet is enthusiastic about receiving hands-on experience on everything IoT. Jeet holds two Master’s degrees in Electronics and Communication Engineering.
You could describe Jeet as a trance music lover and hopeless 'Milan' devotee, who can almost always be spotted sporting his favourite soccer club colours at work.
Ajay is our Business Analyst, having extensive experience working across various business verticals. Once Ajay wears the hat of a detective, he digs deep into every bit of information and finds a way to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. He is passionate about making technical stuff easily understandable for his customers by visual communication. Apart from being an incredible dancer, Ajay loves to sweat out playing football and cricket.

Our Customers

Our commitment to sustainability

Electronic device waste is one of the fastest growing categories of waste on the planet. It contains toxic and hazardous materials that can leach into our environments.

We are taking on that challenge by making environmental friendliness a core requirement of our products.

We are also continuously upgrading firmware to extend the life of a device.

At the end of their multi-use life, all our transmitter and electronic components are reused or disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion.

All iMonitor devices are “RoHs” compliant. (Reductions of Hazardous Substances)

All iMonitor devices are RF radio A-Tick and C-Tick compliant. Lower power use means less batteries in the environment.

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