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iMonitor puts you in the driving seat of your end to end operation. 
From source to consumption.

Your journey begins here.

On the Farm

You’re probably doing many processes you wish you had extra hands to help keep an eye on the ball.
By implementing our sensors, iMonitor turns your operation from ordinary to extraordinary.

Precision Farming

Our environmental sensors that measure soil moisture, humidity, temperature and light intensity, help improve crop yield, reduce maintenance. Automate temperature measurement of milk cool-down process at your on-site milk vat.

At the Factory

When traceability becomes an issue.
Tracking raw materials as they are transformed is very difficult and time consuming.

End-to-End Traceability

Print barcodes and label materials to trace them through your factory and generate detailed batch reports with the full history of the product, from start to finish.

At the Distribution Centre

A lack of visibility, traceability, paperwork, retroactive management of corrective actions leads to recalls and delays.

Recall Management

Get real-time visibility on your operations, suppliers, and customers. Manage recalls end-to-end by tracing the re-called product from source to point of sale.


Having issues with tracking temperatures during your logistics and distribution process?

Cold-chain Temperature Management

iMonitor enables real-time visibility of your product’s journey using IoT devices (temperature, humidity) to ensure your product is safe and is of the best quality when received by your customers.

At the Supermarket

Large workforces with most of the work being conducted on-paper and un-connected systems, have a lack of real-time visibility on the work being done by the operators leading to the organisation not being in-sync and inefficient.

Operational Workflows

iMonitor ensures the operators complete their work in time through notifications, reminders, and personalised dashboards. The Management team have an eagle-eyed view on everything on their single source of truth; focusing in on corrective actions, batch tracking and complaints management.


iMonitor – we make sense.
Busy chefs cook 100s of dishes every day and food safety record keeping is not easy or intuitive enough to be done consistently, every day.

Easy to use

Our solution is available on all devices. Designed to ensure every food safety aspect is recorded, it makes the task as easy as possible by reducing barriers to data entry – using connected IoT hardware, wireless probes, label printers & scanners.
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