Digital Food Safety Assistance

Manage Food Safety

Struggling to manage food safety?
iMonitor’s Food Safety Plan is a Digital Food Safety Assistant for your business that helps build food safety culture. It helps save time and money, completely removes paper, ensures ongoing compliance and eliminates human error.

Manage Food Safety

iMonitor’s Digital Food Safety Assistant visibility to the organisation and helps build a better food safety culture.

Improve Visibility

Track food safety progress in real-time and know how your trending through beautiful, real-time reports dashboards and reports for one or multiple sites.

Build Food Safety Culture

Increase Food Safety engagement by actively prompting upcoming tasks and notifying outstanding tasks.

Control Processes and Products

Take control of your HACCP management, documentation, products and suppliers. Manage your processes, critical control points, corrective actions based on Food Agency Standards (NZ, AU, FDA, ESMA) and Industry Standards (ISO 22000, GFSI) across your operations.

Intelligent Food Safety Plan

iMonitor guides your business through the food safety process to ensure your food control plan requirements are met, and proactively manages your food safety plan through smart alerts when things go wrong.

Automated consulting

Real-time food safety guidance for Staff, as they do their daily activities by proactively prompting helpful hints, giving access to standard operating procedures and automatically suggesting corrective actions and smart alerts

Smart device enabled

Core temperatures vital to food safety can be captured with a single click directly using smart probes into our templates, completely eliminating human errors and data falsification.

Compliance Assurance

Our food safety plans are fully compliant with FDA, European, New Zealand and Australian food safety acts (FSANZ) and will automatically update to the latest requirements should they change.

Audit ready reporting

Generate reports according to your needs, generate multiple reports based on operations, standards, employee training, material control, suppliers.

Investigate food safety incidents

Isolate food safety exceptions using a comprehensive suite of filters to carry out Root Cause Analysis with the help of filters and building Preventive Action Plans. Including personnel traceability, product traceability and supplier traceability.

Staff Training

Good food safety culture starts with training, helps ingrain best practices and enables continuous improvement of your organisation.

Training Plans

Build a training program for each role within your business by selecting from a list of food safety topics and create multiple training records at once for a Staff member, collect signatures to confirm the Staff training.

Training Reminders

Keep on top of your organisation’s training when its due for different food safety topics by training reminders, helping you plan the organisational training plan.

Contamination Control

Contamination occurs regularly if it is not controlled, build programmes to manage them using control limits in your production environment. Generate reports based on period, occurrences.

Record all contamination sources, potential hazards, equipment and chemicals used to control the contamination and issue alerts when it is detected.

Schedule audits for foreign items at a regular basis, intuitively record occurrences and issue alerts to production teams detected.

Enforce internal and external pest activity monitoring and control systems, attach certifications and see long term trends.

Humans get sick – it happens. Record staff health issues and attach medical certificates if needed. The software alerts the staff if they need to stay away and for how long.

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