Improve Efficiency

Struggling to manage staff turn over?
Start evolving today. Invest in smart technology that can bring stability and remove mundane manual tasks.

Workflow Management

 iMonitor systems incorporate full role-based task assignment and progress tracking, making managing workflow a breeze.


Replicate your organisation’s departments on our system, invite users to these group and assign tasks to their role.


Walk staff through a process step by step, with clear instructions on how to carry out their assigned tasks.

Escalations & Sign-offs

Corrective actions raise automatic in-app, email and SMS alerts are based on Low, Medium, High Severity, the investigation can be signed off.

Monitoring Solution

A set and forget solution that works in the background to improve the efficiency of your operations.

Monitor Processes in Real-time

Continuously monitor processes using IANZ and NIST certified devices in real-time and alert your team when a batch clears a production phase.

No more manual checks

All food control plans require temperature measurements every day. Schedule sensor readings to be automatically sampled multiple times daily and remove the need to carry out repetitive tasks such as monitoring cold storage temperatures.

Real-time Visibility

You’re a busy person, and you need an instant live visual update on your compliance status at all times for one site or multiple. Apply filters to rank sites, best to worst or vice versa, based on completion rates, corrective actions and more.

Individualised dashboards for each user on the system, tracking them based on the tasks assigned to them, a handy tool to measure individual employee KPI’s with.  

Proactive reminders for upcoming tasks and notifications when the CCP check and tasks are due and overdue.  

A site activity feed and a real-time engine updating tasks across all devices and users keeps the organisation in sync.  

Use historical data to make better asset management by carrying out preventive maintenance.  

Use inbuilt management review checks to carry out scheduled reviews of the food safety plan, operational practices, HACCP system, quality policies, SOP’s, employees or legal changes.  

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