Improve Food Quality 

Improving your business?
Implement processes into a fully integrated model of food chain value management. Improve your food quality and gain market share today.

Food Quality

Unleash opportunities and protect your brand.

Real-time Operations Insights

Live monitoring linked to standardized processes drives and delivers consistent food quality outcomes.

Macro to Micro view of your systems

iMonitor delivers comprehensive reporting toolset which puts you in the driving seat of your Food Quality system. Making the next move is no longer a guessing game.

Quality Management System

Take control of processes and products.

Process mapping tools.

Build a custom Quality Management System (QMS) by mapping complex processes end to end on the platform. Control the process at each step with defined upper, lower control limits.

Real-time Process Monitoring - the change maker

Continuously monitor all processes in your operations using IoT sensors. Monitor machine performance, food quality metrics, product core temperatures continuously during cooking, cooling cycles. 


Confidently trace your raw ingredients, from the point of entry to sale and beyond, reducing the risk of recalls.


Assign batches to all products, track them throughout your receiving, testing, production and storage processes. The iMonitor system and gives you the ability to record your raw ingredients, allergens and traceable details, Received date, Delivery temperatures, Process CCP’s and best-before date for every production batch.

Share Reports

Share traceability reports such as ingredients, expirations, and the actual temperature measurements for the batch, lot, shipment with your distributors or suppliers to build confidence in your systems. 

Food Quality Tests

Collate food quality tests and carry out trends analysis.

Food Testing

Carry out or attach reports from external laboratories of your products compositional/nutritional, sensory or shelf-life testing for each batch or product range, quarantine any batch that does not meet your requirements.  

Microbial Testing

Record results of various microbial tests, e.g. aerobic/anaerobic plate counts, sporecountsPseudomonasCampylobacter, Listeria SPP.Salmonella, E. Coli and see long term trends.  

Delivery Management

Ensure the product is arriving in optimal condition by measuring the real temperature of goods using iMonitor’s wireless infrared or penetration probes.

Record the product condition when received, take pictures of the product, invoices and assign batch numbers to trace the raw material through your facility. 

Alert suppliers directly at the first non-conformance or after a pattern of non-conformance, your call. Enable them to proactively respond and carry out corrective actions to reduce the impact on your operations. 

Ensure your products arrive in perfect condition by monitoring and recording the temperature of your product journey from your factory to your customers using the monitoring solution,

Share traceability reports such as ingredients, expirations, and the actual temperature measurements for the batch with your distributors or suppliers to build confidence in your systems.

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