We are the tech revolution in the food chain.
It started with a deep concern for waste in a world where resources are finite. Billions a year lost and significant, often deadly health impacts to the most vulnerable populations, all through avoidable outcomes, caused industries, regulators and innovators that cared about the issue to take serious stock. For years it was a tantalising problem, with solutions just out of reach

Reducing Safety Risk

Because we applied technology

At iMonitor we understood that the original purpose and appetite for innovation could only work if technology were applied to transform the problem. Virtual eyes and a networked intelligence that could reveal the unseen gaps in the chain, rendering them visible and manageable

That insight led us to become one of a small but high impact group of global pioneers in the emerging OpTech space:

Designing smart operating technologies that can stabilise value, end-to-end, in industrial chains.

Our original focus on asset protection reducing waste and safety risk, quickly revealed the staged opportunity. When value risk is managed value, opportunity opens up, delivering asset growth, through gains in quality, efficiency and compliance. This was our new world order.

The future space we are mapping: We are describing and building the leading edge of technology optimisation.

Value Proposition

iMonitor technologies will keep you on top of the food chain, integrating intelligent monitoring into your systems to protect and grow your asset value.

Opportunity to improve quality of employees experience and efficiency, delivering gains in employee ROI.

Automation and monitoring of compliance processes.

Reduction of risk business / customer harm.

Increased transparency to key stakeholders.

Efficiency /
cost gains

Opportunity to improve quality of product and customer experience to grow brand ROI.

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