OpTech for Pharmaceutical manufacturers

Real-time product safety and quality management

Reduce your business risk, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance

Many pharmaceutical manufacturing companies still rely on paper-based safety processes to comply with strict pharma safety standards and regulations. Time-consuming, failure-prone manual recording poses significant business risks to pharmaceutical manufacturers, as they might result in inventory loss, wastage, or even expensive product recalls.

By digitising their quality control and production management, pharmaceutical manufacturers gain competitive advantage, improving their operational efficiency, reducing business risks and facilitating ongoing compliance.

Quality metric monitoring


Automated task management

24/7 insights & analytics


Customised reporting

Smart production floor solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers

iMonitor’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software is based on GMP standards and specifically tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The digital manufacturing system, along with industry 4.0 solutions offers significant time and cost savings, transparency, and compliance with Medicines Regulations act 1984, GMP, and ISO 22000.

Key competitive benefits include intelligent product and process management, proactive operator task management and complete traceability. Learn more.

Talk to us about how iMonitor can help you with digitising your pharmaceutical production floor today.

How to successfully implement a smart manufacturing system

What is the best quality management system for me?

Learn more about the 5 important points to consider when choosing the right digital quality monitoring and management system.

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