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Make food safety easy and fully compliant
Our Food Safety Plan is based on Food Safety Regulations, a legal requirement for any food handling operation. Our FSP is easy to use, compatible with any device and eliminates all paper-based record keeping and storage. We help your business to keep your food safety plan simply safe and suitable.

If you’re a business that handles food, you will need a Food Safety Plan (FSP) that complies with your local regulations. Our online Food Safety Plan (FSP) is based on the industries requirements and completely removes the tedium and minimises the cost of compliance.

Easy to use

Our solution is easy to use, compatible with any device and eliminates all paper-based record keeping and storage. We help your business to keep your food safety plan – simply safe, and suitable.

Online Platform

Maintaining your Food Safety Plan on our online platform means that you don’t have to maintain volumes of paper work, plus you get all the benefits of being in the Cloud!

Process Driven

Manage your processes, recording Critical Control Points and supplier deliveries to meet all compliance requirements. iMonitor develops its own hardware that is directly integrate to the iMonitor platform.

Easy set-up with full control

Our preloaded templates allow you to create your FSP in minutes not days.

You are in full control of templates as they can be customised to suit your business needs. The system also includes a template builder to create your specific tasks and CCP check to suit your special requirements.

“Who did what and when?”

Track individual users in real time, you can see who’s done what and when – or, just as important, who hasn’t!

Eliminate human error and tedium, so you and your staff can get back to doing more important things.

Live status via Dashboard

You’re a busy person and you need an instant live visual update on your compliance status at all times.  

Our dashboards ensure that’s exactly what you get, for your operations worldwide, region, site or department.

Secure & Reliable

Cloud-based storage has 99.97% up-time, your records will be stored for the minimum 7 years.

All data are encrypted & has enterprise grade security, certification – giving you peace of mind.


Multi-Device Support

Keep in sync with your compliance requirements regardless of where you are or when.

Download our APP from Apple App Store or Android Play Store and install on any phone or tablet.

Audit ready reporting

No more last minute “catch up” sessions to get your operation audit ready.

Our solution creates all audit reports for you automatically, reducing your ‘audit anxiety’, saving you time and reducing your business costs.

Global Features

Comprehensive features for Food Safety Plan

Data Integrity

The platform keeps in sync with different devices, time zones, accounts and updates every device with actions taken on it in real-time, allowing the entire organisation to see every interaction and non-interaction, who has done what, when and why.

Comprehensive Scheduling

Build your food safety plan according to your schedule. Tasks can be scheduled to repeat daily or any days of the week, weekly or monthly or once every couple of months – they show up when you want them to. You can even set a deadline e.g. tasks must be done by 9 am.


Reduce training-based exceptions by attaching Standard Operating Procedures to processes, in the form of text, PDF, images or video.

Audit History

Track changes using comprehensive audit history tools. See clearly when a process was started, modified, ended and by who.

Robust Process History

The system records every interaction and non-interaction, allowing you to easily see who has done what, when and why.

Workflow - Groups

Create groups of users and assign tasks to them. Keep your staff focused on what they need to do.

Personalised Dashboards

Generate unique user dashboards and progress reports for users.

Personalised Notifications

Automatically remind busy staff of upcoming tasks and notifications of outstanding tasks.


Get Started Quickly

Our massive catalogue of ready-to-use checklists combine government, industry standards and food science to the nature of your operation(s) to get you up and running in minutes – not days or even hours. Our smart catalogue is always kept up-to-date with the latest requirements.

Customise and Personalise

As with any cutting-edge product, our checklists are fully extendable and can be customized. Don’t like our catalogue? You can leverage our platform to create your own checklists. Use colours to personalise, clone existing checklists – tailor the product to the nuances of your operation.

Record Anomalies

Problems happen. Record them and get on top of them, easily and take corrective actions immediately.

Escalate Exceptions

Alert your teams in real-time when problems occur using a built-in escalation system, to manage the exceptions efficiently.


All teams need to communicate, we allow notes to be made to communicate aspects of a task within teams without raising notifications.


Embed step-by-step guide to doing a task, enabling users to follow a well prescribed plan.

Be more productive

Your busy staff can tick things off one-by-one or all at once, your call. Easy.

Critical Control Point Checks

Critical control point (CCP) checks are steps in processes that control a food safety hazards to an acceptable level, making your products safe

Capture the information you need

Starting fresh? Use Our ready-made template food safety checks for cooking, cooling, reheating, hot holding and much more. Use the list of standardised corrective actions to set up a complete Food Control Plan in minutes,k eeping you fully compliant. 

Automated monitoring enabled

Our sensors automatically capture cold storage temperature directly into your FSP reports. Alarms, alerts are also captured allowing you to enter corrective actions against them. 

Be more productive

Easy to use in high-intensity environments. Quickly start new processes, intuitively carry out multiple process checks.

Process Sign-off

Allow a supervising role to “Sign-off” for each process, product or batch run using a unique signature capture step.

Critical Control Limits

Define multiple thresholds for each step of the process, define clear low, high control limits  based on thresholds specific to the product. 

Escalate Exceptions

Setup process-based escalation profiles alerting people who can take immediate action to take corrective actions immediately to manage the exceptions.

Automatic Corrective Actions

Our templates are created using the latest food safety guidelines and automatically suggest corrective actions.

Built in severities

Problems happen, their severity also varies. Assign “Low”, “Medium” and “High” levels to corrective actions and drive automated escalations. 

Product Recipes

Embed a “How-to” guide product. Get as specific as including recipes for different products.

Batch Traceability

Assign or use a generated batch number for each process or product for full traceability

Smart probe enabled

Core temperatures vital to food safety are directly captured with a single click directly into our CCP checks, ensuring data integrity.


Smart probe enabled

Just like temperature checks, our delivery templates are fully Smart Probe enabled and can directly record temperature of a delivery straight to your FSP. No more missed or inaccurate information and complete traceability.


Our bespoke food safety control templates allow you to capture chilled, frozen and hot deliveries quickly and accurately, making it easy to record corrective actions when goods arrive out of spec. Each delivery can also be recorded against a supplier, making traceability even easier.

Upload attachments

Photos, invoices, quality testing reports and other assets can be captured and linked to a delivery for detailed record keeping.

Centralised supplier list

All your suppliers and key contacts are stored in a single place, making it easier to create and maintain a master list across all your sites.

Staff Management

Control who has access by user level and module by module

Customer Admin

The “Super User”, Customer Admin can change, add, remove any aspect of the site(s).

Site Admin

The Site Admin is able to change, add, remove any aspect of the site they have access to. 

Module Admin

Module admins can add, change, remove aspects of the module they are an Admin in. 


The operator can access the modules they have access to, record against the various checks.

Soft Users

Record staff training records for your staff without inviting them onto the system.

Import Users

Bring your entire organisation onboard, assign access PINs all at once

Staff Sickness

Keep accurate and up-to-date records of staff sickness in a private section

Staff Training

Good food safety culture starts with training. Train your staff with your organisation specific food safety training and record your staff’s food safety training from within the iMonitor solution.

Food Safety Topics

Select from a list of food safety topics and create multiple training records at once.

Attach Training Material

Attach training material – documents, photos, videos to Food Safety / Organisation topics.

Signature Records

Collect signatures of trainer and trainee to confirm the staff are trained.


Get reminded when training is due at your set frequency – yearly, quarterly.

Diary Entries

Record adhoc incidents that may or may not be related to food safety easily.

Maintenance Records

Record and track adhoc maintenance tasks such as equipment service, pest control, water system & tanks maintenance etc – and log who carried them out, and when.

Customer Complaints

Quickly capture details such as complainant’s name, contact details, date and time of the purchase etc. along with any corrective actions taken to prevent future problems.

Collaboration tools

Staff members can add more detail or record corrective actions in a easy to use forum. 

Attach assets

Attach photos, videos, documents etc to individual diary entries.

Complete audit trail

Any changes to a diary entry are automatically recorded for full transparency. 


Tag diary entries to group them into searchable collections.


Quickly search, sort, group and filter diary entries using powerful and flexible labels.

Dashboard and Reporting

Track progress in real time

See what’s pending and completed for the day – easily and all in the same place. Our dashboard updates in real time as staff amend the food safety plan, keeping you constantly in the loop.

Acknowledge Correction Actions alarms

View and action all corrective actions, alarms triggered by your food safety processes and your cold storage assets. Easily action your investigations from your dashboard.

Beautiful Real-time Reports

Detailed weekly reports are automatically generated online in real time as information is updated in the FSP – keeping you fully audit-ready.

Track multiple sites

Effortlessly track progress of FSPs in real time, across multiple sites. Drill down to site KPIs and identity issues that are causing non-compliance and resolve problems more easily than ever before.

CCP & Supplier Reports

Trace a CCP check or Supplier reports for any period. Reports can be filtered by various parameters and isolated further using filters such as “greater than”, “less than”, “Equal” in a combination of “and” or “if”.

Full Traceability

Traceability information related to any check done on the platform is automatically recorded, including probe serial numbers.

Access metadata such as user, completion date, completion status and device easily (admin only)

Process Audit History

See any and all changes made to a process, task. Easily identify multiple entries, retrospective data entry and many other scenarios in the audit history.

Further Analysis

Export reports as a CSV file to be analysed by other software, carry out pareto and other quality management analysis using data in a tabular format.

Automated Temperature Check Reports

Temperature checks report displays a summarised view of all the data that was captured during the week.

Custom Reports

Reports can be matched to any custom requirements of the organisation e.g. by department, group of users or a specific standard.

Know how you are trending

Analyze weekly trends to monitor completion rates, promote greater engagement with your staff and achieve maximum compliance.
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