Differential Pressure Sensor – IIoT Device Extension


Low pressure sensor for remote real-time monitoring

  • Automated recording of pressure differences
  • Easily integratable with iMonitor’s IIoT device
  • The IIoT device securely transmits data to iMonitor system
  • IANZ Calibrated

This differential low-pressure sensor is specifically designed for measuring environmental pressure differences. Connected to iMonitor’s IIoT device, the wireless sensor automatically transmits the data to iMonitor’s cloud-based system. Simply plug the differential pressure sensor head into iMonitor’s IIoT device and place it in the right location.

  • (+) and (-) pressure connections
  • Reporting interval down to every 30 seconds
  • Dust proof enclosure and connections
  • Operation from -40°C to 80°C
  • Easily connectable with iMonitor’s IIoT device
  • RoHS compliant components and production

Sensor Technology

  • Based on DLC-L02D sensor
  • Pressure reading ± 1244.2 Pascals
  • Pressure resolution 0.3 Pascals
  • Pressure accuracy ±1.25% full signal scale
  • IANZ calibration services and certification available

Pharmaceutical Industry

The most common application for the differential pressure sensor includes clean room pressure monitoring in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.

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