Industrial Temperature Probe – IIoT Device Extension


Industrial thermometer for inline temperature monitoring during production runs

  • Automatic temperature control during manufacturing processes
  • Easily integratable with iMonitor’s IIoT device
  • The IIoT device securely transmits data to iMonitor system
  • IANZ Calibrated

The Industrial Temperature Probe is designed for robust industry applications where rough handling and tough environments are commonplace. The inline temperature probe can be fitted into thermal wells or used as a penetration probe for products.

The IP head protects connection and prevents cable damage from excess force while the industrial metal connector handles cold conditions and impact. Enhanced silicon cable keeps the probe functional and flexible at extreme temperatures.

  • Operation temperature from -40°C to +125°C
  • Reporting interval down to every 30 seconds
  • Flexible cable holder to prevent cable damage
  • Industrial metal head for cold and impact
  • Serialized and QA managed
  • Easily connectable with iMonitor’s IIoT device
  • IANZ calibrated
  • RoHS compliant components and production

Sensor Technology

  • Based on the MCP9804 temperature sensor
  • Temperature resolution 0.1°C
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.25°C
  • Temperature drift +0.05°C over 12 Years
  • Calibration certificate available at additional cost


  • IP68 Probe end to end
  • Digital temperature sensor output
  • 130mm probe spike at 5mm OD

Manufacturing/Pharmaceutical/Logistics/Food Retail/Hospitality Industry

iMonitor’s inline temperature probe can be applied in food manufacturing processes, for instance. Installed into a manufacturing thermal well, it can measure the temperature of the food product while it is pumped or piped passed the thermal well.

The Inline Temperature Probe can also be used as a penetration probe for measuring the food product’s core temperature during cooking, cooling, or re-heating cycles in the hospitality or food retail industries.

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