Wireless IIoT Temperature Sensor


Real-time remote monitoring device

  • Automated temperature monitoring
  • timesaving, paperless recordings
  • securely transmits data to iMonitor system
  • Extensions available for various metrics, e.g. humidity, pressure, UV-C
  • IANZ calibrated

iMonitor’s IIoT monitoring device is a battery powered wireless sensor that measures ambient temperature automatically at regular intervals between 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

External sensor options enable automated monitoring of other quality metrics such as humidity, UV-C or pressure.

The all-weather device can be used in cool stores, refrigerators, cold trucks, dehydrators, drying rooms and alike.

The state of the art IIoT device provides coverage where most other devices fail. Designed to operate at ultra-low power, the device offers extensive battery life, removing the need for maintenance.

When integrated with iMonitor’s software platform, the IIoT device automatically transmits its data to the cloud via iMonitor’s onsite gateway or receiver, enabling 24/7 real-time visibility.

Automatic alerts are set off immediately when pre-defined critical thresholds are crossed.


  • Automated remote monitoring
  • Wireless sensor solution for cross-plant monitoring.
  • Automated graphing and report generation
  • Automated 24/7 alerts via email and SMS
  • 24/7 real-time insights
  • Automated calibration cycle at IANZ standard
  • 5 years battery life (in case of 5-minute recording interval)
  • Operation temperature from -30°C to +80°C
  • Reporting interval down to every 30 seconds
  • 5km line of sight radio communication
  • Adjustable radio strength for application
  • Water and dust resistant, UV-stabilised
  • External probe configurations available
  • External sensor extensions available to monitor humidity, VOC, pressure, colour, gas, and ground moisture, for example
  • RoHS compliant components and production


  • IP66 & CE compliant ABS enclosure
  • UL Cert Lithium Thionyl Chloride primary cell
  • 9000mAh battery life
  • Dimensions: 52x35x83mm (115mm inc. wings)
  • Watchdog lockup prevention


  • (FCC) CFR47 Part 15 Sub C approved radio module
  • LoRaWAN wireless radio protocol
  • 868MHz & 923MHz options available
  • Global LoRa regional parameter options
  • Receiver sensitivity down to -146dBm
  • Transmit power up to +18.5dBm

iMonitor’s IIoT monitoring device can be applied in various industries to enable fully automated remote monitoring of quality metrics, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, or light.

Food Retail

iMonitor’s IIoT device provides complete transparency on temperature values in cold store units and generates alarms in case of unit failure to prevent product loss. The system can even show fine details such as the addition of new stock generating a spike in temperatures. It is suggested to place one IIoT device per room, fridge, or freezer.

Hospitality Industry

One field of application in the hospitality industry is in the charcuterie of fine dining restaurants, for example. For this application, it is suggested to use one IIoT device coupled with the temperature and humidity sensor. iMonitor’s IIoT device provides humidity logs that can guarantee the continuous low humidity required for meat or fruit drying as well as changes due to climate, access, and introduction of fresh products.

Food business owners can use iMonitor’s IIoT device for remote real-time monitoring of their fridges and freezers.

Logistics Industry

iMonitor’s IIoT device can be applied for remote temperature monitoring in the logistics industry, such as in cold trucks. It is suggested to position one IIoT device per truck.

The device generates logs of the recorded data over the transportation period and uploads the data to the cloud via the depot gateway on return of the truck to the depot. This enables visibility on the performance history and tuning of cooling systems for improved efficiency. The system can be expanded to multiple wireless devices and a mobile gateway per truck.

Live Fish and Shellfish Retailer

The industrial temperature probe connected to iMonitor’s IIoT device allow for monitoring of water temperature as these probes are submersible.

iMonitor’s IIoT device provides 24/7 live readings of the tank’s water temperature along with automatic alarms when the temperature passes pre-defined critical thresholds. This can often directly save loss of stock. It is suggested to use one device per water tank

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Extended with iMonitor’s differential pressure sensor, the IIoT device can show clear positive room pressures required for pill pressing or clean room operations. It is suggested to use iMonitor’s IIoT device together with a differential pressure sensor head for room pressures as well as a humidity sensor for each controlled zone. Instant alerts are set off when temperature, pressure, or humidity cross critical bounds. Historic logs can be data-linked to batch production times to crosslink logs of safe production practices.

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